I’ve feared the deepest darkest secrets that live inside of me, defeat and tragedy, walking in shame, finding nowhere to hide..
I’ve thrown my bottles of guilt into the sea, hoping the waves carry them away
from me.

My heart is beating. I’ll never stop fighting. I’ll keep breathing to stay alive..

If home is where the heart is, why do I feel so fucking heartless?
The crumbling skyline cuts a vicious horizon, sinking its teeth into the cold September sky.
Decaying towers of steel reach with crooked spires for the heavens, like bones of the hollow chest of this town, torn wide for the scavengers.
Mother mercy, take my hand. Follow me through this forsaken land.
Father time, return what's mine. The innocence you stole from these eyes.
Because I feel numb, for the vision burning before me is one of former glory.
An icon cast in the light of freer times, now writhes in a bed of lies.
Hope doesn't live here.
Love doesn't live here anymore.